3 Ways to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom

angel with hands on heart inner wisdom intuition

We all receive guidance from within. Whether you call it the voice of your heart, soul, or intuition, it is always there to support you.

There are times when you may find it difficult to connect with this inner wisdom or hear what it has to say. You can get caught up in your daily life or drama and rely on your inconsistent and fearful mind instead. It’s like letting a naughty toddler run the show.

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How to Quiet Your Mind, Sleep Better, & Feel More Positive

thoughts in your head monkey mind woman thinking busy mind can't sleep

I’ve noticed lately that when I have trouble going to sleep it’s usually because my mind is very active. It’s as if a thought or story has triggered it into a hyper state that keeps me from relaxing enough to fall asleep.

As I became more aware of this pattern, I could actually feel the moment my mind clicked in and grabbed onto something that would take it, and me, down the rabbit hole.

I decided to practice letting go of the thoughts in that moment and not let them become fully engaged. It’s working really well.

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4 Steps to Take Before Buying Your Next Home

buying a house buying a home cute house rightsize downsize

Lot’s of space! Granite counter tops! Curb appeal! When looking for a new house it’s easy to get caught up in wanting more, more more.

If you have the perfect house your life inside it will be perfect too. Right? After all, the bank said you can afford it, and they should know. Really?

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Moving from California to a Small Town in Missouri – What about the Weather?

small town in Missouri weather
Moving from Ca

It’s been a couple years since I moved from Southern California to a small town in Missouri. We are having a rough winter here with record breaking snowfall and temps. There was even a polar vortex this week that brought the temperature to 34 below zero with the windchill factored in. It was really, really cold!

So, I know my CA friends are looking at my Facebook posts and pictures of me walking my dog in the snow and thinking I must be crazy. I can almost see them shaking their heads and feeling sorry for me while trying to imagine what it would feel like to be in weather this cold.

My back yard 1-13-19

And yes, there are times when I reminisce about CA weather, but I don’t regret my move at all.

There are some things that are challenging:

  • Putting on and taking off layers of clothes including a coat, hat, and gloves, whenever I leave my house
  • My backyard looks like a frozen lake so I won’t get to enjoy it this season unless I take up ice skating
  • My dog will only potty after walking for 20-30 minutes so there are no quick dog walks
  • Sometimes I run late because I forget I need to defrost and warm up my car for 10-15 minutes before leaving
  • Scraping ice off windshields although it’s a little easier now that I realized what was called a back window defogger in CA is a window defroster here. (It only took me 2 years to figure that out.)
  • And, in the summer we have MOSQUITOES

But, there are reasons I am happy to stay:

  • The snow is really, really beautiful
  • Instead of having planes, trains, sirens, traffic, and helicopters as background noise, I commune quietly with squirrels, rabbits, and a variety of birds
  • My small town has a lot of community spirit and fun events to keep us entertained
  • When I volunteer, I am more in touch with the impact I make on the community
  • The newspaper guy, police officers, mayor, and congressmen (called aldermen here) are all my neighbors
  • We have an amazing library and I get to be on the board of directors
  • We are only half a mile from a city
  • I recently bought a really nice 3 bed and den home for only $96k. A comparable home in CA would likely be $600k or more.
  • And, most important of all, I am near my family. We go to church and then lunch every Sunday and celebrate holidays together. I get to attend high school events my grand kids are involved in and spend one on one time with them. I also love watching my son live his passion as he preaches on Sunday mornings to a wonderful church community we recently joined.

So, you see, there is no reason to feel sorry for me because of the weather. I am happy here and grateful I had the courage to move.

If you are considering a big move and would like the support of a coach who knows how you feel, I would love to talk to you. Contact me.

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Are You a Woman on the Edge of Transformation?

midlife transformation woman on the edge

There is something stirring in the women around me. I hear it in my conversations with clients and friends. They describe feeling like they are on the edge of something new. Something that is calling to their hearts. Some know what it is and others are still waiting for the voice to become more clear.

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The Gift of Challenges is Who You Become Along the Way

challenges as opportunities life coach life coaching pink butterfly

When clients first come to me they usually have an issue they want to resolve or something they would like to create. They may want to:

  • Move beyond feeling stuck
  • Reconnect with who they really are
  • Accomplish or create something
  • Feel more peaceful and grounded
  • Have support and guidance through a transition
  • Shift their attitude or change their behavior
  • Release the hold something in their past has on them
  • And, so on….

And yet, when all said and done, they tell me there was something even more powerful and unexpected that came forward. The real gift was who they became through the process and how much they learned to love and value themselves.

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Bringing Balance to Your Relationship with Money

Money is one of those subjects that can bring out the best and the worst in us. It can be seductive, shameful, and trigger all of our emotional “stuff” more than just about anything in life.

Fear is one of the most common things my clients talk about when the subject of money comes up. Sometimes it’s warranted, but even when doing well many are haunted by images of becoming bag ladies living on the street.

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A Simple and Powerful Year End Process

year end process journal journaling

I believe that it is important to review and close out the year that is ending to learn all that we can from it.  This simple year end process also opens the door to a deeper understanding of heartfelt intentions and goals you want to set for the New Year. Continue reading

The Gift of Writing Letters from the Heart

writing a letter from the heart writing letters from the heart

One of the things I loved about my friend Sybil while she was on this earth was her joy in bringing people together for food and stimulating conversation. She loved to listen and bask in the warmth of being surrounded by interesting friends.

As she was losing her ability to speak, she started writing letters to us. I came across a few of them recently and they were full of amusing observations and appreciation for the people around her. I could almost here her chuckling between the lines. Continue reading

20 Ways to Stay Centered During the Holiday Season

Christmas holiday snow man snowman

  1. Create holiday intentions and review them regularly
  2. Focus on the meaning of the holiday
  3. Pray or meditate daily
  4. Forget about people pleasing
  5. Enjoy uplifting holiday music
  6. Spend time being fully present with the ones you love
  7. Do something to nurture yourself each day
  8. Spend time in nature
  9. Read something that inspires you
  10. Be gentle with yourself and the people around you
  11. Focus on how you want to be, not what you want to do
  12. Eliminate guilt by re-evaluating expectations
  13. Dance, sing, and play through the holidays
  14. Give from your heart
  15. Find a way to saturate yourself in gratitude
  16. Put your thoughts on paper with a daily journal
  17. Keep plenty of breathing space in your schedule
  18. Give your body the rest, movement, and nutrition it needs
  19. Establish firm, but loving boundaries with people who challenge you
  20. Stay organized and on top of things by using lists, apps, or whatever works for you

My wish for you is a peaceful feeling holiday season full of love, fun, and moments to cherish.

Happy Holidays!

30 Ideas for Random Acts of Holiday Kindness


random acts of holiday kindness angel

Even as we are out spending money on gifts for our loved ones, we are surrounded by people for whom the holidays are challenging. They may feel stressed, alone, depressed, or be having financial difficulties.

So, I encourage you to take the spirit of the season to a new level by giving in little random ways that can make all the difference for someone in need. Here are some ideas to get you started: Continue reading

Too Many Choices

shopping for a computer too many choices

My laptop is dying. It keeps freezing up and doing strange things. The good news is that it gave me some warning so I have a new one on the way while it is still working (barely).

It has been a few years since I bought a computer so I jumped into research mode. I searched Google for articles on what to look for, brand comparisons, and features I might want. And then, it was off to Amazon to check what was available and read all of the reviews on laptops I might consider. Continue reading

How to Bring More Thankfulness Into Your Life

Thanksgiving thankfulness more gratitude in your life hearts

On this eve of Thanksgiving my thoughts are on all that I have to be thankful for and my heart is full. This afternoon, I will be playing Secret Turkey by putting messages of hope, gratitude and joy in mailboxes and on car windshields of people I don’t know.

Practicing thankfulness and gratitude are a part of my life all year, not just on Thanksgiving. There are studies that show gratitude practices can relieve depression, foster a sense of well-being, and even rewire your brain for happiness. If I start to feel low, the first thing I think of is refreshing my gratitude practice because I know it helps. Continue reading

The Surprise Benefits of Thinking Before You Speak

think before you speak thoughtful

I like to play with various challenges from time to time. It’s how I learn and grown. So, when someone at church suggested we practice thinking before we speak this week I was all in.

It was a good week for it, too. I had several conversations that needed to be handled carefully.

What I didn’t expect was how my focus on thoughtful speaking would make me feel.  Continue reading

How to Plan for a More Simple & Meaningful Holiday Season

meaningful holiday christmas

My holidays have run the gamut from being so poor I could only afford a few thrift store toys for my son to being completely overwhelmed by preparing a holiday meal, attending parties, and finding the perfect gifts for friends, family, and co-workers.

What I’ve learned is that I do best when I keep my holidays simple and close to my heart. I may be crazy, but I think that might be true for most of us. Continue reading

It’s Time for the Secret Turkey Project to Begin!

Thanksgiving Secret Turkey

I love November as the month of giving thanks and focusing on gratitude.

When my grandchildren were still young, my family moved out of state for my son’s job. Most years, I flew out to spend Christmas with them, but I realized that I needed to create new traditions that would offset any sadness about being alone for other holidays.

One of those traditions was becoming a Secret Turkey.

Every Thanksgiving I would write uplifting notes of grace, hope, and gratitude to give to strangers. Sometimes I would put them on people’s car windshields and other times drop them in mailboxes. People with run down cars and homes were most likely to receive them. It was always fun figuring out new ways to give them out while keeping my identity a secret. I did get caught a couple times, though.

Last year one of my clients made me the beautiful cards in the picture below (thank you T) for my Secret Turkey adventure. I still have some left over and look forward to using them to spread more thankfulness this year.

Thanksgiving cards secret turkey

Becoming a Secret Turkey made my Thanksgivings more meaningful and my hope is that the notes and cards I shared lifted up some of the people who received them. Or, at least put a smile on their face.

And now, I would like to invite you to join me in the Secret Turkey Project so that we can spread words of thanks, hope, and cheer to even more people.

What do you say? Are you in?

You can share your answer and let me know how it goes in the comments section below.

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The Art of Heart Centered Listening

art of heart centered listening

Feeling heard is a basic human need that far too many people go without. It can make or break relationships, save lives, and even prevent wars.

When someone is talking to you and you are distracted or not wanting to listen, they can tell. And, it hurts.

People who talk a lot, repeat themselves often, or get loud are usually not feeling heard or grew up feeling they didn’t have a voice. In challenging conversations, they will usually calm down once they know you have heard what they are trying to say and then move on to productive conversation.

Those who have suffered loss or are feeling upset don’t need sympathy or to hear your story; they need an opportunity to express themselves without interruption.

Listening is a cornerstone of communication and it is becoming a lost art. It is not about having an agenda or opinion, but about being focused, loving and safe for the other person in that moment. 

Heart Centered Listening happens when you:

  • Set an intention to listen deeply and give the other person the gift of feeling heard
  • Are willing to see the other person as both a soul and a human being without judging them
  • Realize that poor communication behaviors like yelling or venting come from pain and often will improve once they feel heard
  • Resist the urge to interrupt and let their words flow
  • Let go of wanting to provide solutions, opinions, or forwarding your agenda
  • Stay curious and leave room for miracles
  • Listen lightly without becoming immersed in the other person’s issues
  • Let your heart guide you

But, what if what they have to say is negative or hurtful? What if they have a pattern of venting their issues or opinions at you all the time? What if you have a history with the other person that triggers pain and fear as they speak?

Taking care of yourself is always the first priority. If you do not feel safe or ready for the conversation, you are likely not the one meant to do the listening. At least, at this time.

You can listen in negative conversations without it impacting how you feel:

  • Nurture your spiritual strength by staying connected to God and other things that feed your soul
  • Set an intention to be calm, confident, and not effected by what is said
  • Listen in a disassociated state by imagining you are a fly on the wall watching the conversation or just seeing it happen on a movie screen
  • Imagine a protective bubble around you before going into the conversation
  • Limit the time by letting the person know in advance that you have about 15 minutes or half an hour, instead of letting it go on endlessly
  • If the conversation is negative, afterward physically brush off your arms and body or take a shower, imagining the negative energy sliding away
  • Remember to breathe

Ultimately, you need to follow your heart. And, when you are able, giving the gift of Heart Centered Listening will be just as much for you as it is for the other person. In many cases these conversations end in huge shifts or breakthroughs. Even if they don’t, you will know that you have done a loving thing. And that, always feels good.

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How to Limit Negative Influences in Your Life


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Years ago I went through a time period when I was feeling sad and I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. It had happened gradually without my realizing what was going on. My days felt hard and my heart was heavy.

And then, one evening I was sitting on my couch watching TV and began to cry. I realized this was becoming a pattern and that is when I realized what was happening. Continue reading

How to Feel More Satisfied with Your Life

satisfaction how to feel satisfied angel


“I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction
‘Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
I can’t get no, I can’t get no” –  Mick Jagger

I’ve been feeling a bit like Mick Jagger lately and it’s my own fault. I’ve somehow slipped into a state of feeling unsatisfied with things in my life.

  • My to do list never ends and I never get enough done
  • My ideas became expectations with unrealistic deadlines
  • Instead of focusing on what I’ve accomplished, my thoughts are on what is not done yet

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How to Feel More Happy & Positive

feel happy & positive life coach life coaching

We all have our ups and downs, but some of us have more of a roller coaster ride through life than others. While there is little you can do to influence events that happen outside of you, there are many ways you can shift how you feel and create a more positive life.

Here are some of my favorites: Continue reading