The Surprise Benefits of Thinking Before You Speak

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I like to play with various challenges from time to time. It’s how I learn and grown. So, when someone at church suggested we practice thinking before we speak this week I was all in.

It was a good week for it, too. I had several conversations that needed to be handled carefully.

What I didn’t expect was how my focus on thoughtful speaking would make me feel. 

The very nature of the challenge was to pause and check within before I said anything. This resulted in my connecting with my soul, spirit, heart several times a day. Half way through the week I was feeling more centered and grounded because of those frequent check ins with my inner self. The more I looked within the stronger and more balanced I felt.

I was also proud of how I handled conversations. My words were truthful, supportive, and mostly uplifting. People seemed comfortable even when the truth challenged them because they knew what I said was coming from my heart and they trust me to always be honest.

This challenge is something I intend to continue and even expand upon. Being thoughtful serves me well. 

What might happen if I pause and listen within anytime I:

  • Want to spend money
  • Crave unhealthy foods
  • Make decisions
  • Agree to do things
  • Speak

How would your life change if you did, too?

Thoughtfulness is becoming a lost art in our busy world even thought it aligns our lives with our intentions, keeps us connected to our inner wisdom, and helps us feel more grounded.

And so, I challenge you. Start by focusing for one week on thinking before you speak and see where it takes you.

You really can’t lose…

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2 thoughts on “The Surprise Benefits of Thinking Before You Speak

  1. Anonymous says:

    So wise and thoughtful…Certainly, speaks to me ever so gently. I will sit with this and relax into my years as I retire and moved from Calif. to Missouri.

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