What are my clients saying?

“Linda is the coaching angel.” J.M.

“Linda is a skilled and gifted coach whose caring and supportive nature can assist anyone in transforming their lives.” A.J.

“Linda’s guidance was very helpful and the insights I gained continue to help me in day to day life.” S.L.

“Reduced stress in my life and improved workplace productivity are the top two benefits I’ve received from Linda’s coaching.  Linda takes a customized approach to coaching.  She has a diverse set of tools to draw from and she tailors the tools to an individual’s situation.  She listens, asks insightful questions, and guides in a supportive way that brings results.  Contact Linda if you are ready to live the life you deserve.” T.K.

“Linda is spot on!” R.S.

“It would have taken me years to learn what Linda taught me. Working with her saved me a lot of time and energy.” P.K.

“Linda can say the most surprising things that turn my perspective upside down and inside out until it comes out the other side as something positive and uplifting.” J.T.

“Thank you, Linda, for being there when my world turned upside down.  You knew exactly what to say when my husband asked for a divorce and how to see me through the crisis and then rebuild my life.  Thank you for helping me have the happy life I have today.” S.T.

“I am so grateful to have Linda in my life.  I felt stuck and unhappy when I met her and she has helped me clear out the ugly stuff, get clarity, and start living on purpose.” M.M.

“Linda is very intuitive in both personal and business coaching.  She has helped me tremendously.  I feel more grounded and confident and she has guided me in creating a successful life coaching practice.” J.A.

“Linda has this unique ability to think and communicate in a simple and logical way and then drop into a loving space to support me when my fears and emotions come up.” T.R

“Linda helped me bring my poetry blog to life. It is my heart. And, if I hadn’t hired Linda it still might not exist.” M.D.

“I am happier and healthier than ever!!!” S.R.

“I love that Linda can be woo woo and practical all in one sentence.” C,R,

“Linda helped me build confidence in myself as a Life Coach.  I encourage all new coaches to work with her.” H.J.

“Linda knows her stuff and exudes loving support.” J.K

“Linda is adaptable.  She is able to adapt to my personality – black and white – get to the point and get it done. I find her very intuitive.” GA

“Linda guided me and helped me feel confident as I brought my new business to life..” H.L.

“Thanks to Linda, my mind no longer controls me.  I have cleared out many things that stole my happiness and learned to live wholeheartedly.  I am forever grateful.” C.D.

(Initials may be changed for confidentiality)

You can be a happy client, too.  If you are ready to change your life or create something new, let’s talk.