Gratitude, Hearts, Rocks & Inspiration from a Friend

heart shaped rocks

Heart rocks found on my walks.

My friend, Mariette, is a connoisseur of gratitude.  She also has an affinity for hearts and rocks, and she combines these three loves in a way that I find very inspiring.

She started looking for heart shapes and finding them everywhere.  Under the sea, in the sky, hidden in tree branches, and of course, in rocks.   And, every one became a sign that inspired her gratitude.

After hearing her talk about this for a while, I started noticing heart shapes on my morning walks.  It was contagious!  I began to look for them every day and each one lifted my mood and warmed my heart.  They felt like signs of support from the universe.

Over time I could tell my daily practice of honoring these heart-shaped messages was creating a shift within me.  I felt more peaceful, happy, and full of gratitude.  Now, when I am having a rough day, I know that just seeing a heart shape can make me smile.

So, thank you, Mariette, for this gift.

And, for the rest of you,  I encourage you to give this a try.  It’s like free therapy!

You can learn more about Mariette’s work with gratitude here:

Website with free e-book

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