Suffering is Optional

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Things happen in life that cause pain and are hard to understand.  This is true.

When they happen it is important to allow yourself to feel your feelings, which often include sadness, anger, or loss.  When you allow your feelings to process, you will be able to heal and eventually move forward. 

Unnecessary suffering happens when you resist the truth of what is happening. By doing this, you leave yourself stuck in the most painful place.  One of my mentors used to describe it as standing still in the middle of a raging river, afraid to move when you are only steps away from a peaceful shore.

I invite you to look at your life, including your relationships, job, finances and health.  What do you not want to admit or see?  Where are you in denial or fear?  What is keeping you from making self-honoring choices?

Peace comes when you accept what is true.  It doesn’t mean you have to do anything.  Just, stop resisting.  Resistance and fear don’t change the truth at all, they just create more stress and pain.

When you sit in the truth of what is, you can connect with the part of you inside that knows what to do.  You have more energy for empowered solutions and you will understand that suffering is optional.

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3 thoughts on “Suffering is Optional

  1. Midge says:

    As a former woman’s therapist I applaud this site. Too many of us get caught holding onto negative relationships, preferring to keep what we know instead of finding the courage to move on. I don’t mean to sound simplistic however , in a nutshell, I believe this is what you are offering…paving the way ! Good luck. Look forward to reading more

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