The Stories of Our Lives

once upon a time stories of our lives

We all tell ourselves stories.  Stories of our past.  Stories of what the world is like.  Stories of our place in the world.  And, we often hold onto these stories so tightly that they control us and we cannot see the amazing possibilities for our lives.

Some of the stories may feel true.  You may have had a challenging childhood that caused emotional pain and anger. You may have made judgments about yourself and the world based on your experiences or what you were taught.

But, that is not your truth right now.  Your life today does not need to be controlled by the past.

I encourage you to question your stories and even set them aside as distant memories that no longer affect you.  Wipe the slate clean.  And, when you are ready, start writing new stories for your life.  Stories of love, happiness, and possibilities.  You are the author now.

What is your new story going to be?

One thought on “The Stories of Our Lives

  1. Yvonne Lasack says:

    Hi Linda 🙂
    I’m looking for the good in my life and the good in my past and verbalizing that, thereby, rewriting my story. Negative and painful experience can cause us to get stuck there, clouding the good in our lives. So, I’m practicing remembering the good.

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