Slow Down to Get More Done

slow down get more done sign

My weekly schedule has it’s own little routine.  I generally have the same clients, meetings, and things to accomplish along with some time allotted for projects.  And yet, sometimes I struggle to get it all done, while other weeks flow with ease.  Why is that?

I have noticed an interesting pattern. There have been times when my energy was low and I told my friend (who is also the person I share my daily wins with) that I was going to slow down, give myself a break and just putter through the day.

What happened was always surprising.

I would feel relaxed, peaceful, centered and still get more done than on the days when I hit the ground running.

When I slowed down, I accomplished more.  It felt good, too.

Now, the trick is to remember and embrace this art of puttering through my days.  And, share what I have learned with you so that you can try a slow down puttering day too.

10 thoughts on “Slow Down to Get More Done

  1. Natasha@Anxious Toddlers says:

    Love the song! This is so true. I find that when I accept my energy level and not fight it – I am more productive and happy.

  2. Nicole Bush says:

    Perfect and diving timing for me today….. low energy….. feeling the pressure of what ‘should’ I do next! Now I am feeling sleepy and grounded! And now the day will unfold! With grace and ease!

  3. Flora Morris Brown says:

    Having been brought up by parents with a strong work ethic, It’s tough for me to just putter through the day. What makes it even harder is that I enjoy my work. Even so, however, I know that taking a break to putter, lolligag or saunter are times of renewal.

    By the way, there’s a day for that! Check out this post I shared urging us all to celebrate World Sauntering Day

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