How to Recover Quickly When Something Upsets You

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We have a lot of potential upsets in our lives, big and small. Some we can move through gracefully and others that keep us stuck. Like walking through glue.

There is a quick and easy solution to getting over these upsets. All you have to do is choose to use it. 

It goes like this…

  1. Notice when you get stuck in upset-ness.
  2. When it happens, decide if it is worth staying in that feeling or not.
  3. If not, BAM it!
  4. Turn your thoughts to something else.

What is BAM? 

It’s short for BLESS IT AND MOVE ON. This doesn’t necessarily mean physically leaving a situation. You can BAM a disagreement with your husband and not get a divorce.

It’s a mental process of giving yourself permission to let it go, leave it in God’s hands, and spend your precious life energy on things that matter more.

You can BAM situations, memories, people, habits, thought patterns, and anything that upsets you.

Maybe everything is BAM-able. 

  • If someone cuts you off on the road – BAM!
  • When your mind is spinning with negative thoughts – BAM!
  • You can’t seem to resolve a disagreement – BAM!
  • When your past seems to control your present – BAM!

You get the idea. BLESS IT AND MOVE ON!

So, I’m curious. What other ways can you use BAM in your life? I bet you have some creative ideas and I would love to hear them. Please share your ideas by commenting below.

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7 thoughts on “How to Recover Quickly When Something Upsets You

  1. Flora M. Brown says:


    Wow! Even though I already knew about it, I needed reminding.

    I was feeling good most of the day because I got two blog posts written and published, along with following up on some important emails. Then I went over to check on a newsletter announcement I sent out yesterday i discovered that two of my subscribers had reported it as spam. Wallop! I have a notice in two places on that newsletter urging them to unsubscribe rather than hit spam, but these two probably didn’t even see that.



    Ok. I’m better.

  2. Kirstie Ganobsik says:

    This is so great because I’m working on staying in high vibrations, and honestly just saying BAM! makes me laugh – I’ll definitely use this when my worries about my business arise or tough work situations come up.

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