Scenes from a Small Town Morning Walk

All images:© 2017 Linda Luke

small town morning walk

I took a morning walk between rainstorms. The plants were all smiling as the water dripped from their leaves. The air was fresh and clear. I was smiling too. 

small town morning walk

I love these old weathered buildings. Did you notice the pump behind this one?

small town morning walk

Here is another one that caught my eye.


I seem to like mailboxes, too.

small town morning walk

This must be a very mobile family. 

morning walk All images:© 2017 Linda Luke

For some reason, I find this house very intriguing. It is probably the worst one in town, but looks much better since they mowed the lawn around it this week. Before that you could hardly see the house at all. It’s for sale. Maybe I should check it out. 

There is a lot to see on my walks here in town and there are still streets I haven’t been down yet. I was a little nervous taking pictures, half expecting someone to come out of their house and yell at me. No one did. Maybe because everyone here is so nice.

Here are a couple disclaimers about my small town morning walk photos:

Disclaimer 1: My small town has many beautiful homes and these pictures don’t do it justice. I just happen to to find old weathered things more interesting.

Disclaimer 2: It’s probably obvious I am not a photographer so please pardon any lack of skill on my part.

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All images:© 2017 Linda Luke

11 thoughts on “Scenes from a Small Town Morning Walk

  1. Lynette says:

    I enjoyed your pictures, and wish I’d been on that morning walk with you. Finding treasures like that is what, in part, makes a walk entertaining. And enjoying them with friends make the experience even better!

  2. Heather Weck says:

    ….So LOVELY! Please send Autumn photos as you know we don’t even see the season here. I wonder what the Fall season will actually look like there? Perhaps JC with his annual trips to MO. will be the first among us to visit thee?

    Arith and i are barely keeping things together here, as between her parents being here at the moment, Mary not doing well, and caring for my Dad we have our hands full. It was Arith’s Birthday yesterday!…she is out dancing tonight !!!

    …I love your plain morning walk photos linda they really feel like we are there with thee. THANK YOU.

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