Rightsize Your Life: Finding Your Sweet Spot

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Everyone seems to be talking about downsizing, decluttering and tidying up these days. Many of you are feeling the weight of too much stuff. Actually, stuffocating. And, it may be impacting you in more ways than you know.

Peter Walsh, a long time advocate for living a clutter free life found that when he helped clients get rid of excess stuff they would lose weight too. For most of you, being surrounded by mess or clutter will feel heavy, create extra stress, and effect your moods.

When I was living in California, I would have occasional garage sales. My garage always had rows of boxes full of things I was saving for the next sale. In my mind they had value and I wanted to make some money off them, but it was really mostly just junk.

I started to realize that whenever I pulled into my garage my mood would drop. As I explored my feelings, I realized it was all of the old stuff and the energy I had around it. So, I gave it all away. When I did, not only was my garage cleaner, but I felt more lighthearted, too.

The other end of the spectrum is when you downsize to a point that feels too austere or limits your enjoyment of life. I know people who have regretted moving into tiny houses or letting go of meaningful things. They rebounded with shopping sprees that put them right back where they began, with spaces full of clutter.

We all have our own unique sweet spot when it comes to what we own and the process of finding it is what I call rightsizing.

A rightsized life does not feel strict or like you are depriving yourself. It feels comfortable, warm, and inviting. You have what you need and are surrounded by things you love. There is space to breathe and room to appreciate the beauty of the meaningful things you chose to keep.

How to Find Your Sweet Spot and Rightsize Your Life

Let Go of Unused and Unloved Items: Most people have closets and drawers full of things they barely remember. Your sweet spot is the point where you keep what you love and use, and let go of the rest.

Enjoy What You Keep: One of the benefits of clearing space in your home is that the meaningful items you keep can take center stage. Instead of having a lot of pictures on the wall, let your favorite be the main focus. Surround yourself with things you love and place them where you will enjoy them every day.

Spend Less than You Make: You don’t need a lot of things to be happy and I’m pretty sure running up debt will have the opposite effect. Make sure you only spend what you can truly afford and save money when you can. There is a sense of peace and pride that will come when you do.

Choose Quality Over Quantity: You probably don’t want to have to re-paint your house or replace appliances more often because you bought the cheapest products. Spending a little more on a car can mean a better made, longer lasting vehicle with useful features, too.

Everyone can appreciate products that do a great job and last a long time. Shop carefully for items you need. Look for quality and features that are important to you, but nix the rest.

Buy the Rightsize Home: Your home should be large enough for you to live comfortably, possibly have guests, and have space for what you choose to own. If you have rightsized your possessions and have empty spaces, your home is larger than you need.

Choose Relationships and Experiences Over Things: Psychologists say that memories of people and experiences have more meaning over time. When you choose to rightsize your spending on things, you will have more time and money for what matters most.

Buffer Your Schedule: My coaching schedule has a 15 minute buffer between client calls. This allows my days to flow more peacefully and gives me opportunities to take breaks. There are times where I am grateful for those extra minutes, because a client needs them. And, when they don’t, I can stretch, eat a snack, or take a mini break that helps me feel more centered and ready for the next call.

I encourage you to rightsize your schedule, allowing space between appointments and events to breathe. Make conscious choices about what or who you give your time to, letting go of what does not serve you. You will experience less stress, more peace, and feel more in control of your days.

Listen to Your Heart: Your heart has all the answers you need. If you can’t hear it’s voice, it may be communicating through your body. When you look at an area of clutter how does your body feel? Tense? Heavy? Short of breath? Start taking small steps forward in simplifying your life and your heart will guide you to your own unique rightsizing sweet spot.

What would living a rightsized life feel like for you? Peaceful? Happy? Meaningful? Satisfying?

You can start to make it happen today. Go ahead! You know you want to. You will be so glad you did.

If you would like the support of a professional coach in finding your sweet spot or rightsizing your life, I would love to talk to you. You can reach out to me here.

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