A Quick & Easy Way to Stop Out of Control Snacking

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I am not sure what got into me, but something surely did. It all started with a little chocolate heart in a store checkout line. That led to macaroni and cheese (lots of it) and a giant piece of cake that made my stomach hurt. The next day, I found myself eating an entire bag of Trader Joe’s Cheetos. My snacking was out of control, and I was feeling disconnected from my true self.

What I needed was an intervention and I needed one quickly. That’s when I decided to just STOP. This little method can really help prevent over eating and unconscious snacking.

S – Stop what you are doing

T – Take a few deep breaths and wait 10 minutes

O – Observe your body to see if you are really physically hungry

P – Proceed with awareness and stay aligned to your heartfelt values and goals

I am happy to report that I am back to my normal eating patterns even though my indulgences re-awakened the sugar craving monster. The four STOP steps are on my refrigerator door in case of emergency cravings or falling into a state of unconscious eating – Did I just eat that? I didn’t notice.

If this little eating adventure had a purpose it would make it easier to digest (pun intended), and that is why I am hoping sharing the STOP method will help some of you. That would make my eating challenges seem worthwhile.

Let’s help each other stay on track to healthier lives by sharing our ideas for keeping our snacking under control in the comments below. 

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7 thoughts on “A Quick & Easy Way to Stop Out of Control Snacking

  1. Kelly says:

    I’ll definately try and remember to S.T.O.P. but I think I need a huge sign that follows me around I have such a problem with eating sweets. Thanks for sharing this little tip.

  2. Jenna@amongthewildflowersphotography.com says:

    Great tips! What an easy way to remember to stay on track and eat when we need to rather than just because. I will keep this acronym handy, thanks!

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