What My Trees Taught Me about Perseverance

tree fence pinwheel persevere perseverance © 2017 Linda Luke

I have always been amazed by the trees along the fence line of my yard. They managed to persevere and shape themselves around the obstacles in their way as they grew.

Many of them have chain link fence that goes right through them. Others have poles or pieces of brick integrated into them in odd places.

Whatever their challenges have been, they never fail to inspire me to be flexible with what life brings and never give up because with perseverance comes growth.

I hope these wise, flexible, and powerful trees inspire you as much as they do me.

(Keep in mind – I’m not a photographer, just someone taking pics of things I find interesting.)

All images: © 2017 Linda Luke

tree lips fence pole persevere perseverance © 2017 Linda Luke

tree fence pole inside perserverance © 2017 Linda Luke

flowers tree fence perseverance © 2017 Linda Luke

© 2017 Linda Luke perseverance

fence growing through tree perseverance perseverance © 2017 Linda Luke

tree chainlink fence going through it perseverance persevere © 2017 Linda Luke

Remember, you can be wise, flexible, and powerful too!

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All images: © 2017 Linda Luke

12 thoughts on “What My Trees Taught Me about Perseverance

  1. Flora says:

    This is amazing. Their growth is so slow and steady that you don’t recognize how they’ve worked their way around or through obstacles until long after it’s done.

    Yes! This was an inspiration.


    • Linda Luke says:

      Flora: They were already like this when I moved here and I can only imagine what it looked like over the years. I have been mesmerized by them since I first noticed them a couple days after I arrived. It’s really nice to move somewhere with inspiration just waiting in the yard.

  2. Mindy @ Just A One Girl Revolution says:

    Such a lovely way to look at the world – thanks for the reminder! <3

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