A 5 Step Process for Overcoming Life Challenges

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Life challenges of any size can cause us to be reactive and clutter our mind with dis-empowering thoughts. Sometimes, we feel like we can’t even think at all, even though these are the most important times to see things clearly and respond wisely.

The following steps are ones I created for my clients and myself to focus on when we face life challenges. They have worked well for us and I hope they will prove valuable for you, too.

Discover the Truth – Your perspectives, reactions, and beliefs can cloud your ability to see the truth. Before moving forward it is important to know what is real right now. Challenge your thoughts by asking yourself whether you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are true. If you need more information, do the forensics and get the facts. And then, ask yourself what you know for sure. You may want to write down these indisputable things as a reference point to keep your focus where it will serve you best.

Move  into Acceptance – Acceptance of the truth brings peace. This can be a tough one if you don’t want to face something or feel like accepting means you are making what someone did okay. But, the truth is the truth. The facts are the facts. When you accept you no longer spend unnecessary energy resisting what is really happening or who a person really is. Dropping resistance relieves physical, mental, and emotional, stress. There is a sense of peace that comes with letting go of the fight to make things what they are not. And, it is from this place that clarity and direction will come forward.

Review Your Options – When you are no longer in a reactive state of mind, list all of the choices available to you as your next step. Weed them out one at a time until you come to one that feels right for you. Use both your brain and inner guidance system to help you decide.

Move Forward – Your next step may be about taking care of your immediate needs or taking time to heal. Once you have decided what the right thing for you is, move toward it. Don’t let yourself delay and spend extended time marinating in thoughts or emotions that will keep you stuck and make you feel worse. Take action that will lead to  your better future.

Nurture Yourself – For most of us, this may be the hardest to remember during trying times. It may also be the most important. Self care will allow you to operate at your best through the challenge and reduce your recovery time. You are your greatest resource. Be gentle with yourself and give your body, mind, and soul what they need. You will be glad you did.

We can’t live on this earth without facing life challenges, but if we respond in a healthy way their impact on us can be reduced. It will be a lot easier to recover and focus on the lessons we learned instead of any fear or pain we experienced.

Remember, life is a gift, challenges and all, and you have all of the inner and outer resources you need to live it well.

If you would like me to be your coach and support you as you work through a life challenge, contact me here or email: lifecoachlinda@gmail.com

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