Moving from California to a Small Town in Missouri – What about the Weather?

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Moving from Ca

It’s been a couple years since I moved from Southern California to a small town in Missouri. We are having a rough winter here with record breaking snowfall and temps. There was even a polar vortex this week that brought the temperature to 34 below zero with the windchill factored in. It was really, really cold!

So, I know my CA friends are looking at my Facebook posts and pictures of me walking my dog in the snow and thinking I must be crazy. I can almost see them shaking their heads and feeling sorry for me while trying to imagine what it would feel like to be in weather this cold.

My back yard 1-13-19

And yes, there are times when I reminisce about CA weather, but I don’t regret my move at all.

There are some things that are challenging:

  • Putting on and taking off layers of clothes including a coat, hat, and gloves, whenever I leave my house
  • My backyard looks like a frozen lake so I won’t get to enjoy it this season unless I take up ice skating
  • My dog will only potty after walking for 20-30 minutes so there are no quick dog walks
  • Sometimes I run late because I forget I need to defrost and warm up my car for 10-15 minutes before leaving
  • Scraping ice off windshields although it’s a little easier now that I realized what was called a back window defogger in CA is a window defroster here. (It only took me 2 years to figure that out.)
  • And, in the summer we have MOSQUITOES

But, there are reasons I am happy to stay:

  • The snow is really, really beautiful
  • Instead of having planes, trains, sirens, traffic, and helicopters as background noise, I commune quietly with squirrels, rabbits, and a variety of birds
  • My small town has a lot of community spirit and fun events to keep us entertained
  • When I volunteer, I am more in touch with the impact I make on the community
  • The newspaper guy, police officers, mayor, and congressmen (called aldermen here) are all my neighbors
  • We have an amazing library and I get to be on the board of directors
  • We are only half a mile from a city
  • I recently bought a really nice 3 bed and den home for only $96k. A comparable home in CA would likely be $600k or more.
  • And, most important of all, I am near my family. We go to church and then lunch every Sunday and celebrate holidays together. I get to attend high school events my grand kids are involved in and spend one on one time with them. I also love watching my son live his passion as he preaches on Sunday mornings to a wonderful church community we recently joined.

So, you see, there is no reason to feel sorry for me because of the weather. I am happy here and grateful I had the courage to move.

If you are considering a big move and would like the support of a coach who knows how you feel, I would love to talk to you. Contact me.

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