Your Mind is a Playground Full of Infinite Possibilities

girl on swing and her mind is a playground

Imagine being a child again and going to the world’s biggest playground. There is an unlimited supply of high flying swings, exhilarating slides, and magical merry go rounds. Everything you could possibly want is in front of you.

Our minds are just like that playground.

We have an incredibly full range of inner mental experiences available to us. Joy, love, excitement, worry, guilt, peace… The choices are unlimited.

Yet, what most of us tend to do is go to the same tattered and rusted swing over and over again. It isn’t very comfortable and can’t go very high. It may even be the saddest most limiting swing in the entire world of playgrounds.

We tell ourselves life is hard. We worry. Feel guilty. Get stuck in the emotions our negative thoughts bring.  And we think that is all there is. The rusty old swing that keeps calling our name.

But, this isn’t how the world of mental playgrounds works.

Negative thoughts have no control over you and are easy to shift. You don’t need to label them as bad, fight them, or judge yourself for having them.

All you have to do is remember that there are already other light filled thoughts in your mind waiting to come out to play. They are always available to you and full of infinite possibilities.

Just turn away from the rusty old broken swing and embrace the full range of your inner playground. Choose a shiny new swing that will provide support and lift you up high.

It’s just a thought away.

The question is, are you ready to play?

Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

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9 thoughts on “Your Mind is a Playground Full of Infinite Possibilities

  1. Dan Garlock says:

    The moment I read the caption “Your mind is a playground”, I sensed such a freeing and adventuresome spirit.
    Immediately my mind began to wonder into a wonderland that I knew was infinitely vast and full of stored treasures of eternal value.
    I realized that I have forgotten that the source of all our being not only wants us to live rightly but also becons us to play amongst the good imaginations within our mind.
    Thank you for this amazing thought.
    Take care- catch up as we go.
    Leaving the past behind and striving toward the highest and greatest wonder.

  2. I think the reason we go back to that rusty swing each day is that though it is rusty and is not comfy, it has never let us down. We know that we can depend on that swing, out of habit. What a great read.

    • Linda Luke says:

      Marlene: Thanks for your interesting perspective on this. Even though that old swing might keep us stuck we know exactly what to expect and in many ways are good with that.

  3. Willow says:

    Whenever I am feeling down, I look at all the things that I am grateful for. It helps every time. If only we could live like Boomer! Love the video – so cute!

    • Linda Luke says:

      We can live like Boomer! Congratulations on using gratitude to help you feel better. It’s scientifically proven that a gratitude practice can rewire your brain to feel more positive. I also use gratitude sometimes when I have trouble falling asleep.

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