Magic Words that Can Make Anything Seem Possible

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Do you believe in magic? What about magic words?

I know I do, because I have witnessed how our words can either empower us or keep us stuck.

Even when we remove the obvious ones from our vocabulary like can’t, won’t, don’t, should, or shouldn’t, there are other sneaky ways our language can limit us.

It can be how we talk about ourselves:

I’m not …

I’m too …

I can’t …

Or, maybe how we talk about our lives:

I’ve never …

I don’t have …

My life has been …

Can you feel how heavy those phrases feel? They focus on all of the things you think you can’t have, be, or do.

So, are you ready for the magic words that can flip this and reframe your entire life. It’s a simple phrase – “up until now”.

So, let’s play with this a little. Pay attention to how you feel when you read these sentences:

I’m not very lucky.

I’m too shy.

I can’t make enough money.

I’ve never felt good about myself.

I don’t have what it takes.

My life has been hard.

They feel pretty heavy don’t they. Icky, yucky, and definitely not motivating. But, I bet our magic words can open up the energy of possibility. Let’s see if this feels any better.

I’m not very lucky, up until now.

I’m too shy, up until now.

I can’t make enough money, up until now.

I’ve never felt good about myself, up until now.

I don’t have what it takes, up until now.

My life has been hard, up until now.

Can you feel the door opening to the potential of a more positive outcome in the future? Do these little magic words bring more hope?  They can! I’ve seen it happen. A lot. 

So, next time you hear yourself using limiting language about your life, who you are, or what you can or can’t do, remember to tack those magic words onto what you’ve said.

Making it a game and getting your friends to play makes it even better. You will be able to catch each others dis-empowering language easier than your own. Make it fun and positive. And when you add your magic words, smile as big as you can.

After all, anything is possible as you learn, grow, and your life moves forward toward the future.

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3 thoughts on “Magic Words that Can Make Anything Seem Possible

  1. Flora says:


    Those words “up until now” are indeed more magical when added to our habitual phrases than trying to stop our negative self-talk cold turkey. As a life story facilitator, it’s inevitable that my clients will recall negative experiences and feelings as they recall the past. As they connect to the present, however, how wonderful it is when they can make the shift to how the present is different, better, and even the opposite of their old ways.

    Thanks for sharing this for me and my clients.

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