“I am passionate about helping women feel more peaceful, powerful, and positive as they navigate the ups and downs of life.”

Linda Luke - Life and Business CoachWhy? Because I have experienced what it is like to have a yucky life. There was a time when I felt my spirit was going to die if I didn’t change.  My relationship and job were unhealthy, I was stuck in pain from the past, and I did not know how to make things better.

When I started my journey of learning, healing, and working with a coach my life began to evolve. The pain and stuckness dissolved and I opened to new possibilities that shaped the peaceful and fulfilled life I live today.

It was through my own journey to freedom that I became inspired to become a coach and help others see and experience the incredible possibilities for their own lives.

What Makes Me a Natural for this Work?

I am described by others as being loving, soft-spoken, and emanating a sense of calm.  This allows people to feel safe, courageous, and confident as they work with me. My clients would tell you they appreciate the blend of soulful and practical tools that I bring to their sessions and I have studied with many experts and have a lot to share.

For Those Who are Interested in the Credentials Stuff

  • University of Santa Monica – Masters Program in Spiritual Psychology
  • Soul Centered Coaching Certification
  • Garden Company Certified Coach
  • Coachville School of Coaching and Graduate School of Coaching
  • Fearless Living Coach Certification
  • Toastmasters CTM ALB
  • Former AFAA Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Many certifications in individual or specific programs

Me, Personally

When I am not  on the phone coaching people across the country, writing blogs, or leading workshops, you are likely to find me out for a walk or spending time with friends.  I am a young at heart grandma who also loves to read, learn, and volunteer.