LifeQuakes and Earthquakes: Are You Prepared?

woman on shaking ground balancing earthquakes lifequakes

I have to admit that even after living in California my entire life this last earthquake scared me.  It was 5.1 and the epicenter was near my home.  This is the first time I have had to clean up broken glass and things that fell off shelves and I am very grateful that it wasn’t worse.

But, it got me thinking.  We all experience quakes in our lives – being laid off, a shaken marriage, death or illness, and even those smaller aftershocks like an argument or project gone wrong.

The question is – are you prepared?  Do you have a LifeQuake Disaster Kit you can go to when something shakes your core?  If not, here are some ideas of things to include:

Support – Who is on your Red Cross team?  Coaches, counselors, family, and trusted friends can help you stay grounded when you feel on shaky ground.

Faith – Creating a strong relationship with God can give you hope, guidance, and a sense of peace during challenging times.

Reminders of Who You Really Are – I recommend my clients create lists of their core values, talents and skills, best qualities, and achievements.  Lists like these can be used to support you when your confidence or self-esteem have taken a hit or as resources for moving forward.

Self-Nurturing – Whether it be a bubble bath, time off, or the perfect piece of mouth watering chocolate, self care and nurturing will be key to your recovery.

Gratitude– Focusing on the blessings in your life, no matter how small, can put an all-consuming LifeQuake into perspective and give you hope again.

Your Turn: What is in your LifeQuake Preparedness Kit?  You can share in the comment section below…

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