Life Story Workshops

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Write Your Life Story – 2 Pages at a Time

In Person and Online Guided Memoir Writing Workshops

Has the idea of writing your life story been calling you? Does it feel too scary, overwhelming, or time consuming to begin? Or, do you just want a little support to get started?

Life Story workshops make the process of writing your autobiography easy. You will be guided and supported  every step of the way as you write a series of short pieces based on provided themes. Questions and exercises will be included that prompt both your memory and creativity. And, there is no writing experience necessary.

You can use your memoir writing class to:

  • Create a family legacy document
  • As a therapeutic practice
  • Write a book or share your story with the world
  • Stimulate and document your memories
  • Share with your family and friends
  • Honor your journey and remember your strengths
  • Learn where you want to go by reviewing where you have been

What to expect in a Life Story workshop:

  • Support, encouragement, and guidance
  • Memory and creativity priming exercises
  • Sharing your stories in a safe environment
  • Listening to the stories of others and making new friends
  • Creating a series of stories that will represent you for generations to come.

Your participation includes:

  • Showing up for each class
  • Writing 2 pages a week
  • Sharing your stories with the group (recommended, but not required)
  • Having fun and making new connections

Support writing your Life Story is also available through one to one coaching. If you would like to learn more about this option Contact Me.

Life Story classes are 6 to 8 weeks long and each session can last up to 2 hours. Our next online class is being planned for February 2018. Groups are limited to 8 participants.

If you would like to learn more or be put on the list contact me here.

In person classes are also available for groups & organizations in the Columbia, MO area.

Certified by the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies to lead Guided Autobiography Workshops