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(I first wrote this in January 2015 and came across it today. The words and intentions I shared feel even more powerful now. It’s time to re-commit and share them again.)

There are a lot of goals and resolutions set at this time of year about what we want to do or accomplish.  While I am playing with some of the doing stuff, I felt more called to look at how I want to be and show up in this world.

At first I called my ideas declarations and I liked the power of the word, but as I worked with them I started preferring to think of them as intentions.  I have included some wording from Don Miguel Ruiz and Brendan Burchard that spoke to me, but the essence of these come from my heart.  I believe that by focusing on these intentions I will be living more as my higher self.

My Intention is to:

  • Be impeccable with my word
  • Engage life with full presence and power
  • Bring light to all I do
  • Always do my best
  • Listen to my body, inner wisdom, and make conscious choices
  • Embrace spiritual practice and deepening connections
  • Explore fun, adventure, and creativity
  • Create daily forward momentum aligned with my dreams, values, and goals.

What declarations or intentions would you like to make for your life? You can share them in the comment section.  I would love to hear what they are.

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7 thoughts on “Intentions for Being – Declarations for Life

  1. Christa says:

    Turn negative thoughts into positive ones, focus on learning patience, only put positivity into the world, create more art and choose happiness.

  2. Richard Umana says:

    Wow! You are amazing Linda!
    I set some Intentions at the beginning of 2015, and then I reinforced them at the start of 2016. (With a little help from my friends and my Inner self/Higher self)
    Now at the beginning of 2017, and throughout, I realize that my intentions have such direct correlation, and are in complete alignment with my values.
    Here we go:
    – Feeling of fulfillment
    – Contentment
    – Accomplishment
    – Passion (passion is bred by knowledge)
    – Sense of contribution
    I got some inspiration from a reading from Steve Jobs!

    And this i can apply it over and over, again and again, with whatever goal I have set for myself, with all the bounty and abundance there is in the world. That is why i chose MINIMALISM!
    We’ve already been given all that we need for this LIFE!

    Richard Umana

    • Linda Luke says:

      Hi Richard: I guess 2015 was a good year for intentions. I really like yours and they do sound like value words, which is a fun way of doing it. Intentions from our hearts can easily be reused and recycled, just like many things are with minimalism.

  3. Sheena says:

    I think this is a very inspiring post. I love the idea of calling an ‘idea’ an declaration. You’re so right it gives it much power. Such a fantastic post.

  4. Christiana says:

    This is great, reminds me of some of the life lessons I have learnt. It’s great that as we live our lives we become more aware of doing the needful things. Choose happiness.

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