How to Reconnect with Your Best Self

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It was a few days before my client would give her first presentation before a group and anxiety was starting to bubble up. She asked for my help in minimizing her fear before it boiled over. 

I think she was surprised when we didn’t talk about the anxiety at all.

Instead, I shared with her that she already had all of the resources she needed to make her presentation a success. There were inside of her many aspects of her Whole Self that hadn’t been used in a while. They were waiting in the wings for an opportunity to help.

This is true for all of us, including you.

Deep inside, there are parts of you that embody different ways of feeling and being. Kind of like multiple personalities, but in a healthy way.

There is a confident woman, playful child, mama bear, Disney princess, Amazon warrior, sexy mama, artist, and so much more.  They are all pieces of who you really are.

The really cool thing is that you can call these parts forward when you need them and put them on like a piece of clothing.

Here are a few ways to help make that happen:

  • Visualize stepping into the desired feeling or letting it come up inside of you.
  • Focus on a time when you felt it was present and replay the details of what was happening and how it felt.
  • Embody it physically by adopting the body language of someone who personifies the way you want to feel.

My client chose to bring forward the part of her that felt powerful. She stood strong and tall and even wore high heels to amplify the feeling. She called me after her presentation to share that it went extremely well, and I could tell she was still enjoying that feeling of her empowered self. 

So, remember:

  • If you want to feel more playful – call forward your inner child.
  • If you need to have a challenging conversation – bring out your master communicator
  • If fear is challenging you – play with your most courageous self

They are all there, just waiting to help.

3 thoughts on “How to Reconnect with Your Best Self

  1. Flora Morris Brown says:


    This is one of your most empowering post.

    It’s reassuring to know we have what we need inside of us and can call it forth on demand. How often we forget this! I’m thankful for insightful coaches and bloggers like you who remind us.

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