Friday Favorites: Healing Depression, Feeling Unstoppable and More

Friday Favorites healing depression

It’s Friday and I have some more favorites to share. Things like healing depression, supporting a hurting friend, and feeling unstoppable. Information we can all use.

So, here goes:

1: This week one of my friends had to put her dog to sleep and it was heartbreaking. He was a big, gentle Bull Mastiff  named Kodi (for Kodiak) that everyone loved. So when I saw this post about how to support someone who is hurting, it struck a chord.  How to Use Silence to Help a Hurting Friend

BTW – If you are ever interested in one of these gentle giants, Susan is a great ethical breeder: Kampbell Kennels

2: Jon Morrow continues to inspire me with his knowledge, writing, and new motivational blog that shares more of his personal journey as a man with muscular dystrophy who is either very stubborn or determined to live life on his own terms. This includes creating and running a very successful online business. His latest post reminds us all how powerful we really are. How to Accomplish Big Things Even When You Feel Small

3: Marie Forleo recently interviewed Kelly Brogan, MD about her natural approach to healing depression. I was so intrigued that I bought her book. I have struggled with chronic depression most of my life and even though I’m feeling good now I think the information will be valuable. Some of my clients are interested too.  Here is a link to the video. How to Naturally Deal with Depression and Reclaim Your Health

4: It’s allergy season and I think being new to Missouri is making me even more sensitive to pollen. It seems like almost everyone has seasonal allergies to some degree and this article offers some solutions. How to Eliminate Allergy Symptoms 

5: And now for something yummy. Cookie and Kate (a vegetarian and whole food blog) published their post about cooking with what is in season this month. Some of these recipes are drool worthy. What to Cook in April
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9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Healing Depression, Feeling Unstoppable and More

  1. Claire says:

    This is a really useful post. As someone who has battled depression, I like finding alternative ways to treat it. I am also a big advocate silence so will be giving that a read.

  2. Jen says:

    I’m going to check out that video on naturally healing depression. I’ve struggled with treatment resistant depression for the last 20 years. Always looking into new ideas!

    • Linda Luke says:

      I hope it helps. I believe it can make a difference because what she is saying is being repeated by a lot of other experts on other conditions and seems valid. Good luck!

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