5 Friday Favorites – Movies, Food, and Free Wildflower Seeds

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You asked for more, so here it is. The response for my last Friday Favorites post was overwhelmingly positive and I’m happy to share more. Here are some of my more recent favorite things:

1. Beauty and the Beast opens tonight! My granddaughter, daughter in law, and I already have tickets.

2. Free wildflower seeds from Cheerios. Their goal is to help save the bees by giving way 100 million wildflower seeds. You can sign up to get your free seeds here.

3. I certainly need to keep this handy when I go shopping. 11 Reasons Not to Buy

4. I never met an avocado I didn’t like. Here are 4 new ways to enjoy them from Food Heaven Made Easy.

5. This video about validation has long been a favorite of mine:

I would love to here about your favorites, as well. You can share them by leaving a comment below.

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