Fear, Love & Scaredy-Cat Joey

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This is Joey, my little scaredy cat.  He is on constant high alert and can disappear at the speed of light, running to his safety zone under my bed.  His latest fear is the air coming from the vents when the air conditioner comes on.

Recently, I noticed that his anxiety was getting worse.  He was spending entire days under the bed and had a constant look of panic when he was downstairs.  It was breaking my heart.

So, I decided to immerse him in love therapy.  Every chance I had, I would pet and love on him.  He took to it well and soon he was following me around everywhere I went and I was totally covered in cat fur 24 hours a day.  His confidence grew.  His fear dissipated.  And, he became an active member of the family again.

I have heard that fear is the opposite of love.  So, is it also possible that love is the antidote to fear?  What would happen if we learned to focus on loving ourselves through our fearful experiences?  Love the experiences?  And, even love fear itself?

It wouldn’t hurt to try.  Shall we?

5 thoughts on “Fear, Love & Scaredy-Cat Joey

  1. I bought a house with a feral cat living in the outside shed. It took me a lot of time, but I finally got her to come into the house and eventually, to be the most affectionate and cuddly kitty I’d ever known. Love is an amazing healer.

    • Linda Luke says:

      It’s so much fun when they relax into the loving. I have often noticed how my cats are reflections of different parts of me and thus become my teachers, showing me how to heal and grow.

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