Fantasies and Daydreams – Rehearsing for Your Future


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An early teacher of mine on my personal growth journey, Kendrick Mercer, used to say that fantasies were good for us. His perspective was that daydreams and fantasies were how we rehearsed for our future reality.

I used to love to hear him tell the story of how he created fantasies of being a brave knight and a Native American warrior in order to survive a childhood with no love and little care. He lived these stories fully and began to take on the qualities of each persona. Years later, it was clear that the knight and warrior spirits still lived within him.

Kendrick’s story gave me permission to embrace my daydreams and see them as preparation for my future.

Sometimes, on my morning walks I enjoy creating big, fantastic stories of dreams coming true.  I call them Walking Fantasies and I have some favorites:

  • Winning the lottery – I actually plan out what I will buy and who I will give to
  • Creating the perfect coaching program that will help me change lives on a larger scale
  • Being really smart or really good at something like art or flipping houses
  • The perfect loving partner
  • Financial freedom so I can support more people in need for free
  • Traveling, exploring, or moving to another area

I find that playing with these stories aligns me with their potential, lifts my spirits, and deepens my commitment to my best self.

My questions for you are:

  • What fantasies or dreams have you been hiding from?
  • How would it feel to bring them out to play?
  • Who might you become by spending time with them?

Who knows?  You might be rehearsing your future reality!

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