The Empowering Gift of Writing Lists

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For many of you, the only lists you write are To Do lists that end up being fuel for self judgement when the endless items don’t magically get done. So, I can understand if you weren’t that interested in reading this post about lists.

Even To Do lists can be empowering if you think of them as a tool for focus and avoid putting any expectations on them. With a little shift in perspective you may grow to appreciate them, too.

But, enough about To Do lists. There are other lists I love and recommend that can be more empowering.

Lists that Build Confidence & Lift You Up

  • Your wins and successes
  • Your positive qualities & talents
  • Good things people say about you
  • Why you love and are proud of yourself

Lists that Open Your Heart

  • People and pets you love now and in the past
  • What you are grateful for
  • Things that make you smile or laugh
  • Your favorites places to go or things to do
  • What you want to create in your love relationship
  • People you want to pray for
  • Ways you can connect more deeply with others
  • What your heart wants you to know

Other Empowering Lists

  • Reasons a negative thought may not be true
  • Evidence proving a self-judgement is not true
  • Brainstorming or a plan of action
  • Your dreams for the future
  • Qualities you want to nurture in yourself
  • Your legacy – what you want to be remembered for

If you are ever facing a blank page in your journal not knowing what to write, needing to lift yourself up, or wanting to plan for the future, I encourage you to play with one these lists (or create one of your own).

They are simple and powerful tools that can help get you started and bring life to what is already in your heart.

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