How Do You Compare?

compare comparing apples pears

Whether it be out of a sense of competition or trying to fit in, comparing keeps you in a game that you just can’t win.  There will always be someone you can perceive as higher or better or lower than you.   And, your data will be corrupt as you compare your raw, judged self to the images other people put forward of who they want you to believe they are.

The truth is that we are all equal souls, children of God, with unique qualities and talents.  The things we compare are simply illusions, labels, or stories we create or buy in to, often from our early years in life.

It is only when you focus on accepting and being your true self that the rest will fall into place.  When you stop comparing and judging, you open to seeing the beauty in yourself and others. It is from this heartfelt place that authenticity and individuality are valued and can express their talents and gifts for this world.

Do you want to be happy, fully expressed, and live your best life?  Do you want to attract the people who will love you for who you really are?  Do you want to be able to love yourself and let your light shine?

If so, stop comparing.

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