You Don’t Have to Be a Minimalist to Enjoy a Clutter Free Home

minimalist clutter free home

There are a lot of people feeling inspired to clear the clutter in their homes and lives right now. It’s a hot topic, and one that I can really get behind. I love living simply and creating a life that matters.

But, I wonder if some of the things being put out there can feel too rigid for some of you. Do they hold you back and prevent your getting started?  Or, make you judge yourself as not doing enough? 

I am in a number of Facebook Groups on minimalism, clutter, and simple living and sometimes I want to cringe when someone asks how to let go of things like their grandmother’s necklace or their childhood Bible. There is often a lot of encouragement from the group to give them away, but I sense that sometimes people are pushing themselves further than they want to go.

I am here to tell you there are no rules for releasing clutter. Clearing space and living simply will bring many gifts into your life, AND you get to do it your way. 

Guidelines are great, having a supportive coach experienced in this area is wonderful, but ultimately you need to follow your heart and find the level of simplicity that is right for you. Sometimes people are ready to jump in fully and for others it may be a process of one layer at a time.

Before starting a de-cluttering process I encourage you to spend time becoming clear about your intention and the vision you have for your end result. This intention can guide and motivate you along the way.  And, if you would like additional support, find a friend, coach, or professional organizer who will hold you to your vision in a gentle, caring way.

You CAN do this! Your home can become a sanctuary that is clean, organized, and full of light. And, you can do it your way. Just imagine what that will feel like…

If you would like the support of a professional coach who loves to help people create more simple and fulfilling lives, I would love to offer you a free consultation. Contact Linda

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10 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Be a Minimalist to Enjoy a Clutter Free Home

  1. Jeanine @ The Storybook Healing Blog says:

    I have to tell you that this post is just what I needed! Last year, I decluttered years of apartment living. It was really hard, but so worth it to feel the spaciousness afterward. But then, I had surgery during the summer and before I could fully recover, some clutter happened again. And though, I have let go of some of it, and it still looks A LOT better than it did before last year’s two-month marathon, I have been feeling a little guilt that it’s not perfectly clutter-free. Love your permission to do it my way & to do it imperfectly

    • Linda Luke says:

      It is YOUR home. You can follow the call inside of you to declutter and still honor your needs. Sometimes timing has a lot to do with it. Just let your heart guide you.

  2. Alice Gerard says:

    This was good to read. I have a terrible mess. I’d like to make my home look nice but the total neatness concept stresses me out. That doesn’t feel like a home. I am an artist and I need my art supplies and that takes up space. So frustrating.

    • Linda Luke says:

      Most creatives don’t do well with rigid guidelines or everything in order. We are all unique and you can make your home look nice in your own way to your own standards. A lived in look without a lot of clutter sounds wonderful to me.

  3. Melinda says:

    Decluttering is on my list this year! I can’t stand clutter, it makes me emotionally drained 🙁 Having a huge garage sale coming up in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!

  4. Teri says:

    I’m so ready to declutter. I never thought about my intentions. That makes sense. My intentions may inspire me to FINISH the process. I’m guilty of starting…becoming overwhelmed…then quitting. ????

    Good post and perfect length…for ppl like me, I’m sharing!

    • Linda Luke says:

      Thanks. Yes, using intentions and visions of the end results are ways to help you stay focused and motivated to reach goals. I think we often give up because we get sidetracked and forget what we want most. Good luck with your decluttering adventure!

  5. Glenda Cates says:

    We have been trying to do this while my husband has been out of work so this post helped me see some of the things we still need to change. So thank you and now I am off to see if I can get hubby up to help us me out.

    • Linda Luke says:

      Sounds like a good time to clear space. With my clients, I have seen often that when they clear out things that don’t serve them, new things they need or will love come into their lives.

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