Clear Your Mind and Heart with Free-Form Writing

One of the tools I use often and recommend to my clients is a free form style of writing that is like venting on paper. You simply take paper and pen and start writing about what is concerning you.

No rules.  No editing.  You can let the four letter words fly!

This stream of consciousness writing style is a powerful tool for processing the energy of feeling hurt, angry, or fearful.  It brings clarity out of confusion and is a great vehicle for brainstorming.

My clients and I have had some pretty incredible experiences with this tool.  One of them happened to me just the other day.

As I was writing about a challenge in my life, the pen I was using started to run out of ink.  My writing was getting fainter and fainter, seeming to take the issue away with it.  I laughed to myself about the hidden message I was receiving and went to find a new pen. When I came back to my journal, I realized that I felt clear and ready to write a new, more empowering story. 

You never know what is going to happen when writing from your heart and soul.

Confusion, emotions, and conflict can block you from seeing the truth and opportunities before you.  Free-form writing allows you to process what you are feeling and clear out the static in your mind and heart.  It is from this place of inner freedom that answers begin to appear and we can create whole-hearted lives.

8 thoughts on “Clear Your Mind and Heart with Free-Form Writing

  1. Flora Morris Brown says:

    I haven’t kept a journal consistently in my life, but I have here and there written my daily thoughts. Recently I began reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way, and a key activity is to write 3 pages daily, what she calls morning pages. I’ve been amazed at the ways this writing has sparked my creativity. Writing can indeed like prime our pump or dissolve our troubling thoughts.

    • Linda Luke says:

      The Artist’s Way is a great book and many of my clients write morning pages. I am like through and visit them from time to time. Whenever I do, I gain clarity, insight, and a new level of creativity.

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