Choosing What Not To Do

not to do list

Most everyone is familiar with the value of having a To Do list where you keep track of the projects and actions you intend to take.  But, have you ever considered creating a Don’t Do list? 

Don’t Do lists can bring clarity and focus to your life and work.  Where is your time slipping away?  What do you do that drains your energy?  What is not in alignment with your values?  Here are some examples:

  • Watch too much TV
  • Participate in gossip
  • Play on Facebook during work time
  • Agree to something you don’t really want to do

Creating a Don’t Do list reinforces what you Do want to create in your life.  Whenever you eliminate something you don’t want, space is created for something new to come forward.

I encourage you to take time this week to create a list of things you don’t want to continue doing.  You may be surprised by some of the things that show up.  Make a choice to let them go and and use the time and space they filled with things that uplift you and bring you closer to who you want to become.

When you free yourself from activities that don’t serve you, a whole new world of possibilities will make itself known.

Your Turn: What are some of the things you would put on your Don’t Do list?  You can share in the comments section below.

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