A Simple and Powerful Year End Process


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I believe that it is important to review and close out the year that is ending to learn all that we can from it.  This simple year end process also opens the door to a deeper understanding of heartfelt intentions and goals you want to set for the New Year.

Start your year end process by reviewing your calendar, pictures taken, and other things that will refresh your memory. It is likely that you have forgotten or minimized many wins and special moments from the past year. This is the time to bring them forward.

Set aside some quiet time and find a comfortable place where you can spend time with these questions. Bring something to write on so that you can record what you have learned from the past and want for the future.  Continue reading

Living in Alignment with Your Values

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We are happiest when our lives are in alignment with our core values.  Living this way nurtures what is most meaningful to us and allows us to feel more peaceful, grounded, and fulfilled. Anything that conflicts with our values will create more stress and dissonance in our lives. Continue reading

Pick My Brain – Single Session Coaching Support

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While most of my coaching happens with clients over a period of time, there are some things that can be handled more quickly.  You may have specific questions, be unable to afford ongoing coaching, or just want an hour of gentle support.

I want to be able to serve you, too.

To serve this purpose, I am now offering one hour Pick My Brain phone sessions.

In these sessions you bring your questions, issues, pain, dreams, or challenges to the call and I will provide one hour of highly focused support, including tools or action steps that will help you as you move forward. 

And, keep in mind, 99.9% of my clients say that they feel much better after simply talking to me.

You probably already have something percolating in your mind that is asking for attention. So,,here is how you can set up your Pick My Brain call:

Email: lifecoachlinda@gmail.com or go here to schedule a time and arrange payment. The fee for 2017 will be $125 per session, payable by credit card or Paypal.

Below are some of my areas of expertise and common themes that come up in my coaching calls around life challenges, dreams, business, blogging, and support for life coaches.

Life Coaching

  • Receive support and guidance for a challenge you are facing
  • Discover your next right step
  • Re-connect with your personal values and best self
  • Specific tools for resolving what is on your mind
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Move past feeling upset or being reactive about an issue
  • Create a plan for a goal or dream you want to reach
  • Get unstuck
  • Create a more peaceful and simple life
  • Start making positive changes in your finances or health

Business & Blogging

  • Get customized advice and next steps
  • Steps to start a website or blog
  • Make money online
  • Business assessment & recommendations
  • Learn how to enroll clients successfully
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing brainstorming sessions
  • Productivity and motivation
  • Email newsletters – MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • Basic WordPress questions
  • Create a program or product
  • Website & blog reviews and feedback

Support for Life Coaches

  • Answers to your coaching questions
  • Guidance for specific client situations
  • Improve client enrollment conversations
  • Discover your niche
  • Market your coaching practice
  • Answers to coaching practice and business questions
  • Website/blog review
  • Coaching session review and feedback
  • Find out if becoming a coach is right for you

There will be consequences if you do nothing and let things stay the same, whether they are about how you feel or how quickly or easily you move forward.

Just remember, I am an experienced and professional coach who really cares and is ready to support you.

You can schedule your Pick My Brain session or ask a question by emailing me at: lifecoachlinda@gmail.com or contacting me here

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ask the Coach – My Answers to Your Questions

Questions & answers ask the coach lifecoachlinda.com

I’ve spent some time on Quora answering questions about life for readers and thought it might be fun to share some of the answers here. Maybe you have some of the same questions.

I may start doing this as a regular feature and welcome your questions for future posts. You can email me or contact me through my website to ask what is on your mind. In the meantime, here are some of my answers: Continue reading

8 Valuable Lists Everyone Should Have

notebook coffee pen to make lists list

My clients will tell you that I like lists. I use them for organization and to bring forward information in a simple and clear manner. My clients don’t do them all the time, but when they do it is usually to support them in an area they are working on.  There are however, some lists that I believe everyone should have:

  • Your top 5 core values
  • Lifetime successes and winning moments
  • Positive qualities and personal skills you possess
  • What you are grateful for
  • Intentions, goals, and next steps
  • Emergency resources and contact information
  • Location of your passwords, will, accounts, and other important papers
  • Things you love about your spouse or people that upset you (to read when you need to remember)

Your Turn: What lists do you think we all should have?

Email me if you would like a free exercise on how to identify your core values: linda@lifecoachlinda.com

Photo courtesy of S. Allen

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Life Coaching and More – How My Business Has Evolved

life coaching business coaching lifecoachlinda simple smart business

I started my business as a life coach in 2003, which is a long time ago. A lot can happen in 14 years and it is really interesting how my business has expanded and evolved. It’s also really fun!

You most likely know me as Life Coach Linda and think of me that way.

  • Supporting people as they go through challenges
  • Providing tools and fresh perspectives
  • Guiding them through healing journeys
  • Lifting them out of stuckness and into their dreams
  • Helping them reconnect with their true selves
  • Building their confidence and self love
  • Bringing more peace into their lives
  • Helping them create something new that is calling to them

In the last 14 years I have coached just about everything, working with courageous new coaches, cancer patients, students, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, truck drivers, photographers, doctors, dentists, adventurers, psychologists, and more.

And, I still love this work.

Over time a new layer to my work began to evolve. Many of my clients had businesses and it was becoming clear that my intuition worked for business as well. I also had a lot of experience starting businesses, helping them grow, and working through the challenges that come up along the way. People began to hire me as their Business Coach.

I get really exited about what my clients want to create and love supporting them as they bring their visions to life. Some of my clients are new to business and still in the startup phase. Others have been around for years and are either facing challenges or ready to refresh or simplify what they already have. On April Fool’s Day in 2012 I made it official by launching my business coaching website and blog: Simple Smart Business

But, there was more. My clients continued to guide my journey by asking for what they wanted.

When I was recommending a dentist client consider getting a blog and Facebook page he told me he didn’t have the time and asked if I would do it for him. And, this is how the third branch of my business was born.

I began to offer Online Marketing Services, at first just for my dentist clients, but now for most types of businesses. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this work and found it was a great counterbalance to coaching, allowing me to shift back and forth from working with people to playing on the computer.

My marketing clients are mostly small businesses or solo-entrepreneurs who want affordable marketing options or to learn how to market online themselves. So, in my spare time between coaching clients you might find me:

  • Setting up or updating Facebook pages, simple websites, or blogs
  • Providing content and posting to Facebook pages and blogs
  • Setting up or writing email newsletters
  • Improving search engine optimization on websites
  • Teaching classes and training clients how to do it themselves

I know it sounds like a lot, but I protect my time and have found a balance between these offerings that works for me. I love my work. I love my clients. And, I only take on as many clients as I can serve well. My business right sized for me and there is plenty of space for quiet time and fun.

I learned that work doesn’t have to be just one thing. It took 14 years for my business to evolve to this point and I am grateful that I listened to my clients when they told me what they wanted. It feels good to be able to offer a variety of services and customize what will work best for each client. My clients agree.

Now that I am feeling settled into my new home after a recent move cross country, I am ready to open the door to a few more clients. If you would like to receive professional support in your life or business, please feel free to Contact Me.  Who knows, you might be my next client, and I can’t wait to meet you.


What Do Life Coaches Really Do?

life coaches support like watering flowers

There is still a lot of confusion about what life coaches do.  Even coaches have trouble explaining it.  And, everyone seems to be a coach these days.  How confusing is that?

In general, a professionally qualified life coach will listen carefully and provide support, perspective, guidance, new skills and tools, motivation, accountability, and champion you along the way to your best life.

Who doesn’t want that?

Most clients work with a life coach because they: Continue reading