Bringing Balance to Your Relationship with Money

Money is one of those subjects that can bring out the best and the worst in us. It can be seductive, shameful, and trigger all of our emotional “stuff” more than just about anything in life.

Fear is one of the most common things my clients talk about when the subject of money comes up. Sometimes it’s warranted, but even when doing well many are haunted by images of becoming bag ladies living on the street.

The key to feeling better about money and bringing more financial peace into your life is all about balance.

  • Balance between how much money you bring in and how much you spend.
  • Balance with the quality of your thoughts about money, focusing on solutions and possibilities instead of fear.

4 Ways to bring more balance to your relationship with money

Know Where You Stand: Many of my clients resist looking at the numbers they have been avoiding. They don’t know how much they owe or spend, and don’t really want to go there, but this is one area where knowledge truly is power.

Facing the truth can also bring peace. Instead of having negative fantasies about where you stand, you are dealing with facts. And, when you know the truth, you can create a path to make it better.

Know What You Want and Why: When you are clear about your money goals and why they are important to you, it is more likely you will achieve them. I encourage my clients to journal and write down their goals. They also write why these goals are important to them and how they will feel when they reach them. This helps them tap into the feelings connected to the outcome they desire and make it more likely to happen.

Create New Money Habits: Adopting new habits will be easier than trying to use willpower. These habits may include waiting a certain period of time before you buy something you want, asking questions before spending, tracking your progress, or avoiding shopping malls or websites. You get to choose what will serve you best.

Set Up Structure and Strategies for Success:  Putting systems in place is an important piece of the money puzzle. Decide when you will review accounts, how you will track your progress, when you will pay your bills or put money in savings ahead of time and put it on your calendar. After a couple of months you will appreciate the structure and find it hard to live without it.

Your relationship with money reflects your relationship with yourself and it will impact almost every aspect of your life. This is your opportunity, right now, to bring it into balance, appreciate what you have and be at peace with how it flows through your life.

If you would like coaching support in discovering and reaching your financial goals, I would love to talk to you. You can contact me here.

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7 thoughts on “Bringing Balance to Your Relationship with Money




  2. Jessica says:

    I find it sad that in our western world where we have so much abundance, we still fear money, or more precisely the lack of it. In countries where people have no money or very little and where life is so much simpler, I bet ya that they don’t have these fears. Of course, we should not aim to go back there, but a balanced society would surely contribute to more feelings of peace. It is one thing to be ‘working’ on yourself, and it is critical, but at the same time as long as so many more people hitting homelessness each year, the fear will persist. For many, many people the reality is that they are one pay check away from becoming bag’people’, regardless how well they control their spending and saving. We need more balance in our society as well! As a society we need to spend less and be more prudent. Wealth should be more equally distributed so those on those precarious societal rungs feel better. And, what do we teach our kids when we hit the malls during the holidays purchasing toys, books, games etc. Not saving, that’s for sure. Granted this is only a moment in time and there are plenty of opportunities to teach kids. We need to teach kids in school about financial management – perhaps that too could off set future fears….

  3. Connie Patterson says:

    Thank you so much for this article and the one on “Living Simply:.. I gain much wisdom from all that you write and the articles embody all that I believe in and subscribe to. I can’t thank you enough…for your support as I explore adventures in my life…i.e. people, places, spiritual paths…etc.

    I am so grateful to have stumbled on to your web cite since I recently retired and moved from So-Calif. to Kansas City, MO in October 2018.

    Have a great and successful year in 2019!
    Love to visit Columbia, MO – I now reside in Kansas City, MO…

    Linda Connie Patterson
    8860 North Rhode Ave.
    Apt 203, KS, MO 64153

    • Linda Luke says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I love how our journeys both include a move from CA to MO. It can be quite a culture shock as we create our new lives full of blessings. This year is going to be an exciting one!

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