A Cat, A Lizard and a Life Lesson

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The other day I let my cat Chloe (pictured above) out on the patio for a bit of fresh air. I pictured her rolling in the sun or maybe taking a cat nap, but she had something else in mind. Her real mission became obvious when she came running back into the house with a baby lizard in her mouth.

Oh drat!

And, because I am a softie for all living things (well, almost all) I wanted to rescue the little creature.

I convinced Chloe to let go of it and saw the lizard run for cover under my TV stand. After locking my naughty kitty in the bedroom I came back armed with a flashlight, but couldn’t find my new reptile friend anywhere. My next step was to take everything off the TV stand and even move it out of it’s nook, but alas, there was no lizard in site.

I was about to give up and was having visions of the cats finding it while I slept and leaving a bloody, dead creature on the floor where I would step on it in the morning.

Double drat!

But as I stood up, I noticed a feeling like a dryer sheet had been left in my pants. When I pulled my pants down to get it, what did I see? A baby lizard clinging for dear life to my thigh.


Fortunately, I am not afraid of lizards. My friend Michelle might have died on the spot, but I put Baby Lizzy back in the yard where she will be safe. Unless Chloe finds her again.

Later that day I was talking to a client who was looking for answers. She took classes, went to psychics, and asked everyone what she should do. I knew then that my close encounter with the little lizard was the perfect story to offer a life lesson and remind her that her answers were closer than she thought. The solutions weren’t out there. They were already within her. In her gut. In her heart. Or, maybe on her leg.

Perhaps, Baby Lizzie was a spiritual teacher in disguise.

She (he) certainly had a life lesson to share.

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21 thoughts on “A Cat, A Lizard and a Life Lesson

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh–too funny! I laughed out loud. I wouldn’t have died like your friend, but I would have been outta those pants faster than …
    But I do like your take away 🙂 My therapist would also probably agree. Thanks, Linda!

    • Linda Luke says:

      I had to be careful about the whole dropping my pants thing because my patio is visible from the street. I still chuckle about this and love that it turned into a lesson.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh boy!!! You are right, I would have died on the spot!!! LOL!! You are brave! I definitely know who to call if another lizard gets into our house again :))))

  3. Mary says:

    OMG I’m like your friend Michelle. I would have DIED! You are a much braver and wiser person than I am, and I commend you for that!
    Great lesson too! I need to think like that more often, especially when it comes to raising my young children!!

    • Linda Luke says:

      Poor little lizards. No one seems to like them. Raising kids brings a lot of dilemmas and it is good to check available resources and information, but ultimately your mother instinct will be the best guide. The answers truly are within.

  4. Paula says:

    Loved the story and especially how to turned it into the help your client needed. It really is true that the answers are inside of us and that sometime we just need a little tug to get them out there. P.S. we had those naughty kitties trying to bring lizards into the house when we lived in Florida!

  5. Nicole Bush says:

    Sweet! Linda! You are a brave woman……. I would have been okay, but not thrilled about the baby lizard in my pants!!! But, I guess that is not the point at all!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your insight and wisdom once again!

  6. Dotchamou Zakari says:

    Thank you. Searching things is difficult and too confusing, what if we attract the things we are looking for by developping the mindset and the personality that will let the things we want want us most.

  7. Aimee Montgomery says:

    Thats a fun story! I agree! I also find so many arent living passionate fulfilled lives because they don’t know their gift, arent using it and focus on the negative. And they dont understand how to be happy. All things we can control.

  8. Susan says:

    I came to your site because the simplifying title caught my eye, since I just posted an article about our Giant Basement Clean-up. But the cat and lizard story has me still smiling. Thank you! You have a way with words that I enjoy.

    • Linda Luke says:

      Thank you. I don’t think of myself as a writer, just someone who puts things out there in case they help someone. Congrats on the Giant Basement Clean-Up. It sounds like a big project to be proud of completing.

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