A Wake Up Call

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Late last night my phone rang.  My friend had come home and found her son dead.

Can you imagine?

I could hear the shock and grief in her voice and it triggered memories of other moments when I had heard those qualities in the voices of myself and people I love.

It was a wake up call for me in more than one way.  I was reminded that:

Everything can change in one moment – we will all experience lifequakes that will shake us to our core.  Our lives will be forever changed and often diminished in ways we could never have imagined.  This is part of our journey here on this earth.

What we can do is live so fully that when our world is shaken or someone leaves us forever we have no regrets.

When I was 22 the man I loved died suddenly in an accident.  I had been so busy protecting my heart that I never told him I loved him.  My fear kept me from saying the words until it was too late.  It took years before I was able to forgive myself and let the regret go. 

Live fully.  Love fully. Go for your dreams.  This is your precious life and every moment of it is a gift.

Be Grateful  – sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone.  Well, maybe on some level we do, but we push back the awareness of it because we have other things on our minds.

When we focus on appreciation and gratitude our lives become richer and more meaningful. We experience things more deeply, recognize blessings when they come, and fill our hearts with love.

This can help us be more resilient when we suffer a loss.  There will be shock.  And, grief. But eventually the love and gratitude will bring balance and guide us through the process of learning to live again.

My heart goes out to my friend and all that she is experiencing right now.  I don’t know why she has been given this as part of her journey on this earth, but I trust that she will be okay.

I can’t save her from the pain or make it all better, but I can be grateful for the wake up call this has offered me and share it with you, hoping that it makes a difference in someone’s life.  Could that someone be you?


9 thoughts on “A Wake Up Call

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for sharing this message. We cannot hear it often enough: live and love fully day by day. I try to say “thank you” and “I love you” to my loved ones frequently, but I know I don’t do it often enough. You’ve just reminded me to say words of love and kindness daily so on the day we can no longer speak to them in this realm we won’t have regrets.

  2. So I have to tell you I am having an emotional couple of days..today would have been my grandma’s birthday and it’s the first time since we lost her in August that we’d had to deal with this day.
    I’ve been crying so much at my desk so your piece really resonated with me
    Sunday night I was with a friend and I was telling her how frustrating people make life… we are all so scared of getting hurt we put this guard up from the people who love us but we live in a world where people are getting massacred at rock concerts and at movie theatres and elementary schools… life is short. It really is stupid to pass up chances to free your heart.
    Condolences to your friend

    • Linda Luke says:

      I am sorry you lost your grandmother and also know that the support you receive in the beginning often dwindles away as months go by. Grieving does not end in a month, or months, or a year, but it does change colors and intensity.
      Sometimes when we open our hearts we end up getting hurt, or grieving. But, relationships are sooooo worth it. I believe that love heals all and have an intention to open my heart and bring the light of love to the world.
      Thank you for sharing. I appreciate what you had to share and it was another reminder for me.

  3. Erica says:

    You’re so right Linda. I learned this lesson two years ago when I experienced far too many deaths in my life. And they were the life quake ones. From that moment on, I have learned to not hold back on how I feel, live each day to the fullest and write down 5 things that I am grateful every day. It makes you stop and think and be appreciative.
    Thanks for sharing!

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