A Simple and Powerful Year End Process


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I believe that it is important to review and close out the year that is ending to learn all that we can from it.  This simple year end process also opens the door to a deeper understanding of heartfelt intentions and goals you want to set for the New Year.

Start your year end process by reviewing your calendar, pictures taken, and other things that will refresh your memory. It is likely that you have forgotten or minimized many wins and special moments from the past year. This is the time to bring them forward.

Set aside some quiet time and find a comfortable place where you can spend time with these questions. Bring something to write on so that you can record what you have learned from the past and want for the future. 

Part One: The Outgoing Year

What were the blessings and magical moments I experienced this year?

What successes did I achieve?

What am I proud of myself for?

What surprised me?

What did I learn from this year’s challenges?

What did I worry about and how did it turn out?

What do I want to take from this year to create a foundation for the year to come?

What do I want to leave behind? (physical, mental, or emotional)

What am I most grateful for?

Part Two: The Fresh New Year

What theme or focus will I choose for the coming year?

What do I want to stand for?

What qualities do I want to cultivate in myself?

What changes would I like to make?

What do I want my life to look like at the end of this year?

How can I make that happen?

What intentions would I like to set?

What goals would support those intentions?

What am I ready to commit to in the coming year?

Not everyone will want to make goals or commitments.  If you do, please only commit to goals you fully intend to keep.  Breaking commitments to yourself undermines your confidence and self-worth.  

For some of you it might help to make very small commitments that are easy to keep, so that you can start establishing a pattern of success. You can always add more later.

Please feel free to share what you have learned from your year end process and/or your heartfelt intentions for the coming year by commenting below.

If you would like coaching support in completing your year end process or bringing your goals and intentions to life,  I would love to help. Please contact me to set up a free consultation.

7 thoughts on “A Simple and Powerful Year End Process

  1. Nanette Levin says:

    These are great questions to ponder, Linda. I’ll be spending some time with this list in the coming weeks. Thanks for the prompt!

  2. Now this is exactly what I need Linda! Thanks for prompting me to considering the New Year and what I hope to accomplish in the next 365 days. Doesn’t seem like a long enough when I consider how fast time passes. I appreciate you inspiring some loftier goals. Happy New Year Linda!

  3. Tracey-Jane says:

    It’s great to see what we’ve learnt in the past year in this time of review. So important that we recognise our achievements and use them as a foundation for the next steps of our life journey.

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