6 Simple Steps to Self Confidence & Self Trust

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Confidence and self-esteem are based on a foundation of being able to trust yourself. When you know that you will take care of your own needs, you will feel safe enough to move confidently into the world.

This may feel hard or impossible in some moments, but it doesn’t need to.

Simply practice the following steps to increase self trust and the confidence that you desire will naturally follow.

Forgive yourself for things in the past that caused you to lose faith in yourself. You did the best you could at the time. Be gentle with yourself.

Speak the truth. Live a life of honor, honesty and integrity.

Keep your commitments to yourself and others. When you break commitments you undermine your feelings of self-worth. Only make commitments you feel sure you can keep. You can always surprise yourself by doing more when the time comes

Make lists of all of the ways you have taken care of yourself, your successes, what you are proud of, and your best qualities.  It’s easy to forget.

Take action toward your goals in baby steps. Baby steps are easier to follow through on and set you up for success. Be sure to acknowledge yourself and celebrate each and every one.

Connect with and follow that deep inner knowing that comes from your heart and soul. Trust your intuition. This is where true confidence, self-worth, and self-trust reside.

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