4 Ways to Feel Abundant & Attract More Money

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If you are a human on this planet Earth, you probably feel like you don’t have enough money.

Since money represents security, safety, and worthiness in our culture this can be a real problem.

The very thought of it can trigger thousands of voices in your head that make you feel afraid for your future or not good enough.

And then, there is all of the programming you received as a child. Money is the root of all evil. It’s selfish to want money.  Our family will always be poor.  Rich people are the enemy.

There is always that law of attraction thing, but it has been skewed and overdone and used as a tool for other people to make money off of you.

It is real, though. You can’t sit on your couch and say you want money and have it fall into your lap, but you can shift your thinking and raise your energy to a feeling of abundance that opens the door to more.

The real opportunity is to be able to relax into the truth that you are okay and have enough. To take the fear out of money and let go of the striving and expectations of our culture that keep you from realizing your life, no matter what your financial situation is, is very rich.

You don’t need the latest car or biggest house. Living simply and appreciating the little things in life feels more peaceful – and abundant. External stuff cannot define you. How you choose to live your life does.

When you release your grip on negative money stories, you will find that your financial situation changes for the better. Your brain will embrace the new messages and rewire your neuro-pathways until this new peaceful and abundant mindset becomes your natural state.

So, how do you shift your money mindset?

Honor Your Things – Be grateful for each of them and treat them with respect. Keep them clean and in good repair. If you have clutter or items stuffed in a closet, recognize the over-abundance you enjoy and share the excess with others. Clear out what you don’t love or use regularly. Most people are stuffocating without realizing it.

Respect the Money You Have – Be responsible in how you handle your finances. Don’t spend more than you earn. Keep the money in your wallet neat instead of just wadding it up. And, when money comes your way, even if it is just a penny on the ground, pick it up and thank God for the gift, adding “There is always more where that came from.”

Cultivate a Mindset of Gratitude – Open your eyes to the true wealth in your life. You have so much to be grateful for. Look for and appreciate magical moments, synchronicities, and the beauty around you. It is all there waiting for you to see once you drop the veil of not having enough. Find a way to anchor your awareness of these blessings, possibly by writing about them, taking pictures, or spending a few moments at the end of each day reviewing them.

Create a Practice of Giving – You always have something to give, even if your financial situation feels desperate. The act of giving opens the energy flow of abundance in and out of your life. Your gifts do not need to be monetary. Perhaps you have clothes or books you can donate or an opportunity to be of service. However, if the thought of donating a few dollars puts you into money lock down mode, I encourage you to go ahead and give a small amount to show your money fears that you are moving on.

Recognizing the real abundance in your life can help free you from financial fears and bring more peace and freedom around the subject of money. You may also be surprised to learn that when you operate from this state of mind, money flows in more readily. Imagine that…

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15 thoughts on “4 Ways to Feel Abundant & Attract More Money

  1. Alexis says:

    I love this! In this world of more, more more more, this reminds me that just because the world says we need that more, its easy to step back and 1) be happy with what we have, 2) see what we really need, and 3) know that even little things like Homemade gifts and regifting of items you don’t need but others might are wonderfully acceptable.

  2. Teri says:

    Great article, Linda! I love all of your fabulous suggestions to create an abundance mindset. One thing I have been doing lately to move beyond a lack mentality is being more generous with my tips for servers when eating out (increasing from 15 up to 20%). It seems to be making a difference in my consciousness!

  3. Verushka says:

    Great post and simple things to follow. I am always thankful for all that I have. I have learnt not to become attached to material possessions. I am enough and I have enough x

  4. Tanya Patxot says:

    Great tips honestly it sounds wierd to give but it is very true. Abundance comes as you give me. I liek to give our of my tithe and to other organizations. I like social entrepreneurship for this reason.

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