2 Fun Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving More Meaningful

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I do not have the benefit of family nearby to spend my Thanksgiving with, but don’t feel bad for me. I have a nice long visit with my loved ones coming up. I also have invitations for breakfast and dinners with other Thanksgiving misfits. And, sometimes I choose to spend this special holiday alone as a restful, self-nurturing day.

Whatever my day looks like, there are a couple Thanksgiving practices I never miss that fill my heart and feed my soul. I feel more grounded in the meaning of the holiday because of them. You might enjoy them, too. 

Write 100+ Things You Are Grateful For – I have done this yearly since first hearing it suggested by Rhonda Britten while training to be a Fearless Living coach. It has stuck with me over the years and keeps me grounded in how blessed my life is. At first 100 sounds like a big number, but once you get started they come easily.

Be a Secret Turkey & Write Anonymous Notes to Strangers – About a week before the holiday I start writing notes to people I have never met. Sometimes the notes are long and other times short, but they always contain messages of hope and upliftment. Each note is different. They may be reminding someone how special they are, that God will see them through challenges, or be full of encouraging words. I write whatever comes through me without any idea who will be receiving the loving messages.

On Thanksgiving Day, I randomly hide the notes where people will find them or put them on car windshields. It’s fun trying to sneak around and not get caught. I don’t try to figure out where specific notes go, trusting that God will guide the process and each note will be found by exactly the right person. When I am done, my heart feels happy and full.

Whatever you do for Thanksgiving, I encourage you to find ways that make the holiday more meaningful for you and your family. Enjoy the food.  Enjoy each other.  And fill your day with love, fun, and gratitude.

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